Presentations and Workshops

Here are some of the topics that I like to speak about:   

• It’s all about paying attention! - Using the lens of my book, Life is a Road Trip, I look at what happens when we pay attention and are more mindful. I can adjust this presentation for your audience – Leaders, Parents, Project Managers – the presentation arms you with tools, insights and practical strategies that are relevant in all walks of life 

• Emotional Intelligence – Again, this can be adjusted for the audience, although I typically present this to Leaders and Project Managers 

• Organizational Change Management; Navigating the impact of the change we lead – this helps you understand that people approach change differently, teams go through change in stages, and stakeholders need to be engaged in multiple ways in order to change initiatives to be successful! 

• Team Effectiveness in a Matrix Environment – this is typically targeted at Project Managers, but is useful for anyone that works in matrix, often ambiguous, environments. 

• Leading Global Teams – this takes a look at cultural differences, using the Culture in the Workplace QuestionnaireTM assessment tool, that is based on the research of Geert Hofstede. It will help you flex your leadership style and skills depending on the cultural make up of your global team! 

• Courageous Leadership – this will help you distinguish the different types of courage as well as techniques to help you show up more courageously!   

The following is a link to a past delivery of 'Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers:   


Please contact me to schedule a time for me to come and speak at your event!