Change Management Consulting

- Has a large change initiative left the people in your organization struggling to deal with the associated changes? 

- Have you launched a new systems project but overlooked the effect of the change on employees and users? 

- Are you struggling to help individuals and teams cope with a change that was not their choice? 

The only thing that you can expect with certainty is that there will always be change! It’s how we learn, grow, develop, enhance our lives. There’s no stopping it! 

So how do we handle it? Here’s my approach: 

Individual Change. 

I’m going to help the leaders of the change project understand their own approach and reactions to change, and then let them know that some people don’t process that way! The result will be a team of leaders with a greater understanding of how to help people navigate change 

Team Change. 

I’m going to help leaders of teams that are formed to support change initiatives, so that they understand the phases of group development. The result will be a more effective team that moves through the phases of group development more smoothly and more rapidly becomes a high performing team 

Stakeholder Change. 

I’m going to help Change Leaders understand the impact of change initiatives on key stakeholders. We’ll create a stakeholder impact and influence analysis, then a communications and engagement plan, and a training needs analysis and plan. Since this will help us understand that change impacts different stakeholders in different ways, the result will be a more effective change initiative, with lower resistance and higher adoption from stakeholders. 

I’ve worked on a variety of change initiatives, small and larger, with varying degrees of impact. It’s always challenging and stressful, but I’ll help you also make yours successful!  

Team Effectiveness

 - Are you the leader of a new team that is struggling to come together?  

- Is your team unable to navigate conflict?  

- Are you unsure how to help your team perform better? 

- Are you the leader of a global team who is struggling to understand the effect of different cultural values on productivity of your team?     

I am really passionate about building teams and helping them excel. I’ll help you realize the phrase “if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together” 

You might think that team building is just about a one day event offsite, where there’s a bunch of ‘feel good’ activities, (Trust fall, anyone?) but then at the end of the day everyone goes back to the office and doesn’t remember a single thing from the experience. Sound familiar? 

We’re not going to do team effectiveness that way…we’re going to do it differently: 

- We’ll hold a series of shorter more frequent workshop over a longer period of time 

- In each workshop you’ll learn something about yourself and increase your awareness 

- In each workshop you’ll also learn something about the others on your team, and that will help you understand your team dynamics better

- We’ll also do some ‘real’ work – we’ll focus on a specific topic that is important to you – a problem, a new process you need to implement, etc 

- We’ll leverage an “Action Learning” approach, to reinforce new ways of operating and create changes that can be sustained  

Leadership Retreats/Workshop Facilitation

- Is your leadership team struggling to work cooperatively? 

- Is your leadership team unable to communicate effectively? 

- Does your staff not seem to know which way to turn? 

How many of you have been on leadership retreats or strategic planning workshops that feel a more like a rah-rah event than one where real work is done and real learning takes place? 

Depending on exactly what you need, and the problem you’re trying to solve, I can work with you to design a workshop or retreat that is interesting, engaging, and impactful. You will learn something about yourself, your colleagues, and walk away with a solid outcome. 

Once we discuss your specific needs, the goals of the event, and the potential dynamics at play, we can determine how I can best help you. These are some areas in which we can work together:  

- Agenda design, meeting facilitation, action planning, and follow-up 

- Annual retreats, leadership retreats, and working sessions 

- Emerging leaders and top talent program development and delivery 

- Strategic planning: vision and mission, goal setting, and long-range planning 

- Discussion and resolution of issues involving leadership, teamwork, communication, and governance