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  Hello! I’m Karen Davey Winter… an Executive Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Author, Speaker and Soccer Mom…not necessarily in that order! 

My passion is to empower people and enable teams to think outside-the-proverbial-box to get to their “next level”– whatever that might be. Whether it’s encouraging individuals to think differently to navigate through life’s challenges, enabling teams to become more effective (and collaborative), or helping organizations manage change, I’m dedicated to working with them step-by-step to reach their respective goals. 

I believe that it all comes down to how you show up, the impact that you have, and the results that you get. Based on that, I’ve created the ‘Perspective, Insight, Action’ three-tiered model for ‘next level’  success.

My Approach


For individuals, this is awareness about how you show up. 

For teams, this is understanding team dynamics and how you interact with one another. 

For organizations, this is about understanding the change that you want to create. 


 For individuals, this is about understanding the impact that you are having, the impact you want to have, and identifying the gap.  

For teams this is about moving through the forming, storming, norming and performing phases as efficiently as possible, leveraging each others strengths. 

For organizations, this is about developing a plan to lead people through change in order for your change initiatives to be successful. 


For individuals, this is about developing a self improvement plan, putting in the legwork, and getting the result that you want. 

For teams, this is about developing a team effectiveness plan become a high performing team. 

For organizations, this is about developing a change management plan to engage stakeholders so that your change initiatives are successful. 

Nothing gives me more pleasure than coaching and training people and organizations through that very succinct and exceptionally effective process. It’s simple but powerful and it’s worked time and time again.     

More about me

I am British (re-read this page with British accent…) and moved to the US from the UK more than 20 years ago. 

I have also lived in Australia, Germany and Norway, am a lifelong traveler and learner and am action oriented and results focused. 

I like my clients to get quick wins so that they can see the value of the work that we’re doing together 

I have over 20 years experience in a variety of leadership roles in IT and the business, for small and large organizations

I transitioned to Coaching and Consulting after realizing I had lost the enthusiasm for going to work every day. I coached myself through the transition, leveraging the best of my experience, combining it with new skills, and creating a new impact and way to help people be successful.

I am an ICF credentialed Coach, PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level. I am also certified in Myers Briggs and EQi and am a great believer in using models and tools to help people break through obstacles and barriers in order to get different results  

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